New Readers

For new readers this will get you up to speed and tell you a little bit about the characters in Moe or Les.  Take a gander then read some comics. By clicking HERE.

Moe or Les a Story:

The comic strip about Les who does not have a job and lives with his big brother Moe. There is a lot of fun as they talk about everyday life, politics, religion, and sports.

The Cast:

Moe is very intelligent and is nice enough to let his lazy brother live with him. Moe is a straight forward thinker and takes everything very serious. But once in awhile he does say a joke at his brother’s expense.



Les is very lazy, does not have a job. Never takes anything serious and he likes to make jokes on just about everything. There is one thing he does well and that is procrastinate. Les is not very bright and does not understand a lot of things his brother is talking about, or is to lazy to figure them out.